Family Based Immigration - Fiction Vs. Fact

There are many misconceptions about family-based immigration which can cause undue stress and problems for those who wish to engage in the process of bringing family members to live in the United States. Awareness of the process and possible pitfalls associated with family-based immigration can help to avoid potential problems and decrease the significant time periods between petitioning for family members to immigrate and their actual arrival date. Marriage-Based Immigration

How To Avoid Killing Your Ex During The Divorce

Let’s face it. Any divorce is going to be highly upsetting. After all, it is widely considered to be among the most stressful things one can experience. It’s easy for that sadness to be coupled with the anger you likely feel at the collapse of your relationship and marriage. All of that together is a recipe for rage, but you have to try to keep your cool during the divorce process.

Analyzing Motorcycle Safety - Learning about Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents

Are you filing a motorcycle accident claim, or interested in finding out more about how these cases often work? Reading more about motorcycle accident situations may help you figure out how an injury attorney or other legal professional might help you work through and resolve a case. Regardless of what the average driver might think, there are some fairly defined causes of motorcycle accidents that account for a prevailing volume of these types of injuries and fatalities on the road.

How To Find Good Bankruptcy Clients

Law firms and attorneys often struggle with finding the perfect clients. While some clients might present a workable case, their time requirements and expectations may not match the reality of the situation. Others might have a viable expectation and realistic approach to their case but have an unworkable, disorganized claim. Finding good claimants could mean the difference between successful litigation and a “black hole” of time and energy. Follow Market Trends

3 Things To Consider Before Appealing A Denial Of Disability Benefits

The severity of your injuries isn’t the only thing the Social Security Administration (SSA) will consider when you lodge an appeal against a denial of benefits. Knowing what the other factors are will help you to decide whether to lodge an appeal or not. Here are three examples of some of these factors: Disability Prognosis Temporary health conditions do not qualify as disabilities. The longer your injury is expected to last, the higher the chances that you may succeed with in an appeal.

How Will The Divorce Impact Your Dog?

Just about everyone would agree that the best interest and well-being of children is always a top priority in a messy divorce. Another significant member of the family – the dog – often gets overlooked and becomes a helpless victim. Unfortunately, divorces do have a negative impact on dogs as well. Legally, Dogs Are Not Children In a lot of families, it is common for the dog to be viewed as a child.