Criminal Prank Calls Could Cost Your Business A Fortune

While certainly annoying, most people don't think of criminal activity when they hear the phrase "prank call." If you're like most people, you likely think back to your childhood days of silly jokes and one liners, where hanging up after saying the phrase you'd planned to say seemed like the only option.

While it's not a secret that threatening or intimidating someone on the phone is a criminal offense, many people are unaware of other illegal phone-related activities. Unfortunately, some adult callers in recent years have begun to enter the realm of criminal activity, causing property damage and costly catastrophes in the name of a "prank." While most people would agree that there's nothing funny about damaging someone else's property, the calls just keep coming.

If you own a business and want to protect yourself against the criminal nature of these kinds of calls, you should get as knowledgeable as possible about the situation immediately:

The Corporate Office

It may sound official: receiving a call while you are at work from an individual who claims to be from the corporate office with an urgent task that you need to take care of immediately. The individual then claims that in order to stop a gas leak you must take immediate precautions, leading you through a set of steps that result in setting off the sprinkler system in the room and flooding the area with over 5,000 gallons of water. Once the panic of the emergency situation has subsided and time has passed, it becomes clear to you that the entire event was nothing more than an elaborate ruse, an official-sounding story that was created for the amusement of the caller. What would you do?

Criminal Damages

Unfortunately, the above scenario has actually happened throughout America multiple times-- causing untold damage to occur in hotels across the nation. This kind of call is not only annoying or disconcerting, but criminal because it causes unspeakable costly damage to the property involved. By informing your employees about similar scams that have happened in the past, you can hope to avoid damages resulting from phone calls like these. With the proper training and knowledge, incidents like the one described above will become obsolete in America.

If a situation like this has already occurred to you, be sure to hire an attorney and seek action against the responsible party (with the help of your local authorities) immediately. While it can sometimes be hard to track down the responsible party, you can be sure that the police and your lawyer will take the matter seriously and do their best to prosecute those responsible to the fullest extent of the law. Contact a company like Dimeo Law Offices for more information.