Filing For Social Security Disability? Understanding The Effect Of Consultative Exams

If you’ve filed for Social Security disability benefits, not only will the person reviewing your claim look at your existing medical history, but also they’ll often request consultative exams. These exams are scheduled with doctors who specialize in these assessments, not with your regular doctor. If your claims representative asks you to attend a consultative exam - physical, psychological, or both - there are a few things that you should know.

What Do You Really Know About No-Fault Divorces?

The no-fault divorce isn’t as hassle free as many people would like to think. However, it does offer an opportunity to settle a divorce case with far fewer issues than a traditional divorce does. Here are a few things about the no-fault divorce you should know before jumping into one. No-Fault Doesn’t Necessarily Mean “No Fault” At a basic level, a no-fault divorce implies there’s no “fault,” or particular reason for the divorce.

Options For Fighting A DWI Charge

When you’ve been arrested for a drunk driving offense, this doesn’t have to be the end of the story. There are a couple of different options for fighting the charge either to reduce or eliminate it. Here are three paths you can take to fight your DWI.  When to Deny the Charge Sometimes, you have the option of denying that you were intoxicated altogether. This is possible when a breathalyzer test came close to the legal limit, for example.

Can A Traffic Ticket Result In A Bench Warrant? What You Should Know

If you have unpaid traffic tickets, it is very possible that you could have a bench warrant out for your arrest. This could lead to a very embarrassing incident of getting arrested in front of your family members or co-workers. You should get to the bottom of the possibility of a bench warrant as soon as possible to avoid this at all costs. Bench Warrants—What Do They Mean? The courts issue a bench warrant when you have failed to comply with a court order.

No Clowning Around: This Halloween, That Could Lead To Serious Legal Trouble

There’s been a rash of creepy clowns terrorizing children and neighborhoods throughout the U.S. for the last couple months—and nobody is exactly sure why it started. Whether it’s a joke, an intentional terror-inducing prank, or something else, the police are now taking notice. If you’re thinking of having a little fun by “clowning around,” especially since the Halloween season is about to begin, think again. You could end up in serious trouble.

Top 3 Times When You Need An Auto Accident Attorney

Have you recently been involved in a car accident? Are you considering hiring a lawyer but you’re not sure if it’s actually necessary? Not all accidents are in need of lawyers to take the case, but it’s not always easy to realize when you would be better off hiring a lawyer to handle everything instead of taking care of it on your own. To help you, here are some times when hiring an auto accident attorney is the best choice:

What States Have The Harshest Punishments For DUIs?

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious offense. It endangers you, your vehicle, any passengers in your vehicle, and everyone around you. Regardless of where you are driving to or from, driving while intoxicated is illegal. How harsh of a punishment you get, however, varies depending on where you live. The State Of Arizona Arizona is considered to be the state in the U.S. with the strictest DUI laws in effect, as of 2016.

How To Avoid Killing Your Ex During The Divorce

Let’s face it. Any divorce is going to be highly upsetting. After all, it is widely considered to be among the most stressful things one can experience. It’s easy for that sadness to be coupled with the anger you likely feel at the collapse of your relationship and marriage. All of that together is a recipe for rage, but you have to try to keep your cool during the divorce process.

Four Reasons A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Is Preferable To Debt Consolidation

You may have seen commercials or read advertisements about debt consolidation, and the companies behind these programs will make all sorts of claims about what they can do for you. However, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also debt consolidation, and there are many advantages to it versus debt consolidation programs. The following are four of them. There is no negotiation about your debt With many debt consolidation companies, they will claim that they can negotiate with your creditors to bring down your interest rates and even the principle of your debt.

Five Courtroom Behavior Mistakes To Avoid

First-time defendants in criminal defense cases are often not familiar with courtroom behavior norms and standards.  The more you know about courtroom etiquette, the better your chances are of getting a favorable verdict in your case. By avoiding the following five common courtroom mistakes, you can improve the impression that the judge and jury will have of you during your courtroom appearances: Not putting time into preparing A courtroom appearance is a lot like giving a presentation or speech in that preparation is typically important.

Injured On The Job? 4 Steps To Take To Protect Your Workers' Compensation Benefits

If you’ve been injured on the job, you should know that insurance companies don’t like it when they have to pay out on a workers’ compensation case. They’re going to do everything in their power to keep your benefits to a minimum or to deny your claim altogether. That means you have to do everything you can to avoid costly mistakes. If you’ve been injured at work, here are four important steps you can take to protect your rights to receive your workers’ compensation benefits.

When Should You Incorporate Your Business?

If you are running a small business from your home or an office, you may have listed it as a sole proprietorship. When you first begin this type of business, you often do not think about things like incorporation since you are not sure how successful you will be. However, you should consider incorporation as a way to protect yourself and grow your business.  Assets You should consult a lawyer who is an expert in creating an LLC, limited liability company, or a corporation.

A Trusted Estate Tool: What To Know About Revocable Trusts

The word “trust’ can be intimidating to some, but a revocable trust is really no more difficult to understand than a will. If you haven’t heard of this “will alternative”, you may be surprised at how it surpasses a will in many ways. While it may not be entirely possible to substitute a revocable trust for a will, you should consider this type of trust as a valuable part of your total estate plan.

Who Gets The Embryos? Why You Should Set Your Family Planning In Stone

Couples who deal with infertility now have more options than ever before when it comes to having a child. One common practice is to use a fertility specialist to fertilize eggs and then have them implanted into the mother or into a surrogate. This procedure can fail several times before it works, so extra embryos are often frozen until they are ready to use. When the couple does have a child, most decide to keep those other embryos frozen just in case they want to have another child in the future.

Don't Seek A Divorce Without Doing These Three Things

You might have reached the end of your rope in your marriage, and you might actively start taking steps to end the relationship legally. However, going through a divorce can be an arduous process for which you might not be prepared. That’s why it is wise that you do the things below; these suggestions can help you make sound decisions during and after your divorce. Visit A Good Therapist You may have tried to talk your spouse into seeing a marriage counselor with you, and they may have balked at the idea for a long time.

The Dont's Of Divorce

The decision to divorce is never an easy one.  Divorce forces change on all parties involved.  Even the most amicable divorces leave families facing difficult changes in many aspects of their lives, from their living situation to their financial situation to their emotional well-being.  Since it is such an emotional time, people might not think straight and are apt to make poor decisions.  Here are some things not to do when faced with divorce.

3 Things To Do After Receiving A Head Injury

Receiving an injury to the head can be a very serious matter. Injuries to the head often lead to brain injury which can lead to some serious problems. Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is a major cause of death and disability in the US. On average around 138 people die of TBI each day. In cases that do not end in death, injury to the brain can lead to problems that range from mild to severe.

Four Things You May Not Know About The Crime Of Animal Abuse

If you are abusing or being cruel to an animal, you aren’t just causing him or her pain; you are also committing a serious crime. Here are four interesting things you may not know about animal abuse and cruelty: It’s a Precursor to Other Crimes Available research has linked animal abuse to many other heinous crimes, such as murder, domestic violence, robbery, and even rape. In fact, some studies show that 100% of those convicted of sexual homicide started their degrading acts on animals.

3 Reasons Why A Drug Possession Charge Is More Serious Than You Think

Although you might know that getting in trouble for selling drugs is a big deal, you might not think that getting charged with a minor possession crime is very serious. It might seem like nothing serious will happen if you head to court on your own, but you should know that drug possession charges can be a lot more serious than many people think. This means that you should definitely consider hiring an attorney to help you with your legal situation if you want to avoid serious impacts on your life.