Whiplash after a Rear-end Collision: How a Lawyer Can Help You Sue the Other Driver

Were you rear-ended while waiting at a stop sign and now suffering from whiplash? Getting hit from behind may give you the right to get paid so you can pay for whiplash treatment. In this article, learn how a personal injury lawyer can help you after getting injured in a rear-end collision.

How Can a Lawyer Help After Suffering Whiplash from a Rear-End Collision?

Although it may seem like you are automatically in the right in a rear-end collision, the other party can still contest it. Your lawyer will begin your case by gathering evidence that proves you did not cause the collision. He or she will listen to your story about what happened, as well as get a copy of the accident report from the law enforcement agency. He or she will also visit the area where the accident took place to get a better sense of what happened. The lawyer may find witnesses near the accident site that can help your case.

After enough evidence is gathered, your lawyer can help you get compensated for things such as:

  • Spinal injuries
  • Mental anguish
  • Vehicle damage
  • Pain & suffering
  • Visits to a chiropractor

A lawyer will also help by trying to get you paid as fast as possible. The fastest way to get paid in a lawsuit is through the mediation process, but it only works if the other party is willing to go through with it. Your lawyer will contact the other party to discuss your argument and invite him or her to a mediation session. If the other party agrees, your lawyer will showcase all of your evidence during the session and explain how much money you want. Your case will be over if an agreement is made, but it will go to court if not.

Will a Personal Injury Lawyer Charge Any Money Upfront?

Lawsuits stemming from a personal injury are often paid for based on a contingency fee. Your lawyer may charge 30% plus of the money won from your lawsuit. He or she may only consider what is left after you are treated for whiplash instead of take a percentage of the overall amount. The great thing about paying a contingency fee is that you pay nothing upfront and may pay nothing if your lawsuit is unsuccessful. It is common for lawyers to only take contingency fee based lawsuits when they are confident about the outcome.

Whiplash can be painful and difficult to cope, so make sure you get treated in a timely manner. Contact a personal injury lawyer (such as Steven A. Crifase Ltd) so you can get the money you deserve to pay for your medical expenses!