Did You Get Fired Because Of Your Boss's Inter-Office Romance? Call An Attorney

If you feel that you have been replaced at your state or federal job because your supervisor was making the position open for someone they are romantically involved with, you want to hire a lawyer right away. The more quickly you act, the easier it will be to gather the evidence you need.

There are a lot of different pieces of evidence you may not even know you have to take into a court room, and others your lawyer will want to try to get right away with a court order. Here are a few of the things to consider.

Security Footage

If the company has security footage and you know there were days when the couple commuted to work together, or they were together around the workspace, let your lawyer know so they can request to get the security footage in the parking lot or around the office building. Most companies only keep the footage for so long, so you'll want to request it immediately.

Company Emails

Your federal attorney will request for proof in the email logs between the coworkers. If there is anything in the emails that indicates they are romantically involved, or that their relationship is anything but professional, that is a great way to prove that they work violating company policy, abusing the workplace, and taking your job with ill intention.

Phone Logs

If one or both of the people has company cell phones it should be easy to get a court order to view a phone log. Although it may be required for the two people to communicate because of work, if there are excessively long phone calls and an unbelievable amount of text messages, this will help your case a great deal.

Social Media  

Did you know they were dating because they were out with each other on social media? Did they have pictures of going out on dates or being together, or did they make comments about each other. Screen shot all of these things and save them, and have the evidence printed out for the courts to see.

It doesn't matter if this was someone you already worked with, someone that was new and applying the employer, or if it was a contractor that was associated with your employer, you have the right to fight for your job. If you were fired and you feel you were set up so the management could replace you with someone they were romantically interested in or involved with, don't let them get away with it.

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