Addressing Common Auto Accident Lawsuit Questions

An auto accident has the power to destroy your property and it can ruin your life. Unfortunately, you may not know how to proceed or what to expect following one of these incidents. As a result, you may benefit from having the following two questions about car accident lawsuits answered.  

Does It Matter If You Were Driving A Commercial Vehicle At The Time Of The Accident?

There are many jobs that require you to spend a large amount of time driving a company car. Unfortunately, if you are in an accident while driving one of these vehicles, you may not understand what your rights are as a victim. 

This confusion arises because some people may assume they will only be able to file a worker's compensation claim for their injuries, but this is not true. You will still be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver that caused the accident. While you may not be able to recover damages for the company vehicle, you can pursue damages stemming from your injuries. Not surprisingly, these cases can quickly become far more complicated than a standard auto accident, and you will need the expertise of an experienced attorney to navigate this process. 

When Will The Insurance Company Offer A Settlement?

Most accident victims want to get their money as soon as possible,and it is common for these individuals to wait to know when they should expect the insurance company to make an offer of settlement for the case. In most cases, the insurance company will make this offer relatively quickly, but you should refrain from accepting this money until the case has been reviewed by your attorney. 

Insurers will usually make offers that may sound impressive but fall far short of the actual value of the case. Once you accept the settlement, you will not be able to pursue more money, and this can be particularly harmful if you are still receiving medical care. Due to the expenses that medical treatment can incur, your attorney (such as one from Halverson & Sheehy, PLLC) will likely advise you to avoid accepting any settlements until you have fully recovered. While you may not like waiting for your money, this can be the only way to ensure that you are given the compensation that you are entitled.  

Understanding your rights and the legal process following a car accident is essential for ensuring that your rights as a victim are protected. Knowing these answers to common car accident lawsuit questions should help you to better understand how to proceed following one of these unfortunate events.