7 Suggestions On Satisfying CLE Requirements Without Spending Too Much Money

If you have CLE requirements you have to meet as part of your job responsibilities, you might find it difficult to conveniently meet them without spending a lot of money. CLE courses aren't always cheap, but you can find low cost opportunities with the following seven tips:

Consider crossing state borders

Those who happen to be admitted to the bar in multiple states can sometimes take advantage of this when they're taking CLE courses. CLE credits can often be counted in other--especially neighboring--states, so shop around and be open to traveling. 

Teach a class yourself

Some attorneys can get free credits if they're qualified to teach a course. CLE providers are often willing to arrange this type of exchange.

Teaching a class yourself can not only help you save money, but it also looks good on your resume and helps you establish yourself as an authority in your specialized area of practice. 

Pay attention to junk mail

You may be in the habit of discarding a lot of junk mail you receive because of professional memberships. However, junk mail from legal establishments and organizations often has information regarding CLE opportunities. 

Be open to different subjects

If you're not too picky about course subjects, you can often find lower cost opportunities to attend required CLE education talks or earn CLE credits. Try to generate curiosity for a diverse variety of subjects so that you can be enthusiastic when learning about legal subjects with which you are not already familiar. 

Look out for package deals

CLE providers sometimes offer package deals that allow you to earn many credits for one flat price over a certain time period. Talk to providers directly and ask them about any bundles they're currently offering to get the most out of money you're investing into CLE classes and experiences. 

Attend trade shows and conferences

Trade shows are a great opportunity to take care of required CLE credits quickly and at a low price. With a trade show or conference, you can often concentrate numerous CLE requirements into only a few days. By registering early for trade shows, you can often register for free for special CLE talks and courses being offered. 

Make professional contacts and mine them for CLE opportunities

Networking is always a good idea when you're ambitious about your legal career. Professional contacts are a great source of information on CLE opportunities.

This is especially true if you make professional contacts who are involved in academia or who have bar association memberships. Another great idea for meting CLE requirements is attending alumni events at your law school where you can discuss common concerns like CLE with other attorneys. 

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