Four Things You May Not Know About The Crime Of Animal Abuse

If you are abusing or being cruel to an animal, you aren't just causing him or her pain; you are also committing a serious crime. Here are four interesting things you may not know about animal abuse and cruelty:

It's a Precursor to Other Crimes

Available research has linked animal abuse to many other heinous crimes, such as murder, domestic violence, robbery, and even rape. In fact, some studies show that 100% of those convicted of sexual homicide started their degrading acts on animals. In fact, those convicted of animal abuse tend to have long criminal histories.

What does this mean if you are facing animal abuse charges? It means you aren't likely to get any sympathy from the authorities. From the onset, you need to be on your guard and present a strong defense to have a good shot at justice.

It's Not Normal in Children

The old-age adage of "letting boys be boys" shouldn't apply to children (of either sex) who abuse animals. Whereas a parent may assume a child abusing an animal is just being childish, the truth of the matter is that such behavior isn't normal in children.

Different organizations, such as the American Psychological Association and the National School Safety Council, agree that animal cruelty is a strong indicator of an at-risk child. Left unchecked, such behaviors can easily spiral into violence against human victims. Therefore, if your young teen is fond of kicking stray dogs, it's best to get him or her early intervention (such as psychiatric help) before he or she graduates to violence against people.

Some States Encourage Cross-Reporting of Animal Cruelty

Due to the serious nature of animal abuse and cruelty and it potential to escalate to human crimes, states are stepping up their measures for dealing with the problem. One such measure is the institution of laws that encourage cross-reporting of animal crimes across different government agencies.

For example, if an animal health care provider accuses you of needlessly beating up an animal, it may forward the information to other agencies such as child protection agencies and child health care providers. Sharing of such information is useful in unearthing further crimes or sending strong signals to animal abusers to desist from their criminal acts.

As you can see, violence is a serious crime whether it's meted to against animals or people. If you are facing animal abuse charges, take it seriously just as you would take a child abuse case. Get an experienced criminal lawyer to defend your case and ensure you get justice. Contact a lawyer, such as Robert E Long & Associates Ltd, for more information.