The Dont's Of Divorce

The decision to divorce is never an easy one.  Divorce forces change on all parties involved.  Even the most amicable divorces leave families facing difficult changes in many aspects of their lives, from their living situation to their financial situation to their emotional well-being.  Since it is such an emotional time, people might not think straight and are apt to make poor decisions.  Here are some things not to do when faced with divorce. 

Don't continue to live together.

Deciding who leaves the family home can be difficult.  Sometimes both parties need to find a new place to live.  Remaining in the home together is not only incredibly awkward, but it can also breed resentment, lead to manipulation and possibly drag the process out longer.  If children are involved, it will be confusing to them to have both parents still in the house. 

Don't forego hiring an attorney, especially if children are involved.

Couples who don't have children are more likely to successfully divorce without an attorney than couples with children.  There are a lot more things to consider and laws to follow when mutual children are involved.  What may start out as amicable can turn on a dime.  An attorney will know the state's laws in regards to visitation, will assist in drafting a reasonable parenting plan and will help figure out child support.  Attorneys are experts and know how to navigate the process.  It is a good idea to have an attorney even without children involved.

Don't get taken advantage of.

Many couples may try to come up with an agreement to follow while going through the divorce process regarding division of assets, child support and visitation.  Don't agree to something you aren't comfortable with.  If you do come up with a temporary agreement, be sure that it is sustainable and fair. 

Don't start dating immediately.

When you get divorced, it will take time to adjust to your new situation and your new life.  You may feel hurt, neglected and betrayed.  Starting a new relationship with these strong negative feelings is not healthy.  You need time to heal.  If you have children, it may be confusing and hurtful to them to see you dating again so soon after the other parent left.   

Don't wait.

Divorce can be a long, drawn out process.  Don't wait to get started.  Find an attorney like one from Patton Hoversten & Berg PA to come up with a plan of action.  The sooner the process starts, the sooner it will be over and you can move on to the next stage in your life.