Top 3 Times When You Need An Auto Accident Attorney

Have you recently been involved in a car accident? Are you considering hiring a lawyer but you're not sure if it's actually necessary? Not all accidents are in need of lawyers to take the case, but it's not always easy to realize when you would be better off hiring a lawyer to handle everything instead of taking care of it on your own. To help you, here are some times when hiring an auto accident attorney is the best choice:

Liability issues: You've been in an accident that wasn't your fault and now you have bills. But now the insurance companies are claiming that you're liable for the accident. As a result, they're not going to pay you anything. An auto accident attorney will help you prove that the accident happened through no fault of your own. They will find witnesses and gather experts to testify in court to show that you were not actually at fault for the accident.

Low/no settlement offer: While this sometimes stems from questions of liability, an insurance company will sometimes make a low offer or refuse to make an offer at all. They may acknowledge that the accident wasn't your fault but then say that it still isn't covered under your insurance policy or that it's only partially covered. If you're sure that the accident should be covered and that the insurance company has simply missed or ignored a vital piece of information, an auto accident attorney will be able to help set things right and get you the money that you're entitled to. 

Injury: You don't need to be disabled to have high medical bills as the result of an accident. Unfortunately, insurance companies will often start by offering you very little money in compensation. If it turns out that you also underestimated the amount of money that you'll need as a result of your injury, you'll be out of luck. The paperwork that you signed with the insurance company will likely have a clause stating that you're not entitled to any further money from the insurance company. An auto accident attorney will work with you and with your doctors to calculate exactly how much money you should receive as a result of your injury. If the injury is such that you'll have to miss work days so that you can go to doctor visits, the lost work time will be calculated and added to the amount that your lawyer is suing for on your behalf.

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