2 Common Mistakes You Should Never Make After A DWI Arrest

Being caught while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can be a (no pun intended) very sobering moment! You may be beating yourself up in your head as the police confront you about this very serious situation. However, every two minutes that pass by, two people are hurt in a drunk driving crash, and 28 people die every day in the United States because of drunk driving accidents. Sp if you were caught, the arrest may have saved your life or the life of someone else. That's the good news. But the bad news is that you need to deal with this situation. In addition to calling a DWI attorney, you need to be careful about your next moves. Whatever you do, do not make these common mistakes.

Mistake #1: Continuing to Drive on a Suspended License

An unfortunate large majority of people arrested for drunk driving continue to drive under a suspended license after the arrest was made. In fact, between 50 to 75 percent of drivers who are arrested for drunk diving will keep driving after the arrest. Don't make that mistake! If you are caught driving with a suspended license, you may face sharp penalties such as severe fines, points against your driving record, and even possible jail time.

Mistake #2: Dismissing It as "Just One of Those Things"

Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol is one of the easiest ways to kill an innocent person even if you have no intention of hurting anyone in the world. It is anything but something that should be dismissed as an "accident" itself.

Driving while you are intoxicated is a choice, and it's important that you address why you made that bad choice. You may want to enter a 12-step recovery program if the over-consumption of alcohol led to that mistake, and you may also consider going into therapy. Take a long, hard look at your action to ensure that you don't repeat this mistake again.

Finally, keep in mind that all is not lost in most DWI situations. A DWI attorney can help you fight for your rights and fight against any accusations that are not true. See the attorney as soon as possible after your arrest, and always be honest with your lawyer to empower them to best help you out of this situation. You may be able to fix this mistake with no permanent damage to others, yourself, your bank account, or your reputation.