Following A Nightclub Assault, Your Attorney Will Work To Determine These Degrees Of Negligence

A nightclub can be a place where you and your friends enjoy many fun evenings, but it can also be a spot that has its risks. Given that people can become unpredictable when drinking, nightclubs can often be the sites of assaults. If you've been assaulted at a nightclub, you'll want to cooperate with the police investigation. 

You may also wish to contact a personal injury attorney to see if there's any merit for a suit against the venue. The venue is responsible for providing a safe environment for its patrons, and if you were aware of evidence that suggests this wasn't the situation, your case could have merit. Your attorney will work to determine these examples of negligence.

Overserving The Attacker 

Nightclub staff must be trained to detect signs of intoxication so that they can cease serving certain individuals who appear to have consumed too much alcohol. Your attorney will work to determine if this was the case. One way that he or she can do so is by interviewing nightclub servers who may admit to overserving the person who assaulted you, as well as hiring an investigator to go over indoor surveillance. The investigator may be able to ascertain how many drinks the person was served in a specific amount of time β€” which can often indicate overserving.

Allowing A Combative Person Back In

Often, when nightclub security guards identify someone acting in a combative manner, they will escort this person from the premises. Generally, this person will not be allowed to re-enter, but this isn't always the case. The attorney's investigator will again peruse security footage to determine if the person who assaulted you was removed for an earlier incident of acting aggressively but then allowed to come back in. This is another sign that the nightclub could be held negligent for your assault.

Failing To Have Adequate Security

In a violent episode, a nightclub's security team should be able to reach the scene quickly to break it up before it escalates even further. A club that is adequately staffed will be able to protect its patrons in this manner, but this won't always be the case. If the nightclub's security force wasn't extensive enough, it's possible that you may have been assaulted for a lengthy amount of time before the officers could intervene. If these and other elements of negligence are present in your case, you can expect your attorney to move forward in bringing legal action against the nightclub.