Fight Back Against Wage Garnishment If You're Facing These Expenses

If you learn that you're facing wage garnishment from the IRS or perhaps another creditor, you'll understandably be upset—even if there's a part of you that understands why this is happening. It's important to know that you don't have to just accept what is going on. You can fight wage garnishment with the help of an attorney who specializes in such financial matters. While it may be difficult to get the wage garnishment completely stopped, a competent legal professional may be able to get the amount that you're losing reduced. One way to fight back against wage garnishment is to argue that your earnings are covering essential expenses, including the following:

Child Support

If you're paying child support for children who are in the custody of your ex-spouse, you may be able to successfully use this information to fight back against wage garnishment. It's easy to argue that when you begin to lose a percentage of your earnings, you will struggle to make your child support payments either in full or on time—and this will result in harm to your children, rather than you. Your attorney will likely use this information to make an emotional plea to reevaluate the percentage of your wages that are being garnished.

Medical Bills

Another way to fight back against wage garnishment is to argue that a considerable percentage of your income goes to medical expenses. These could be for a condition that you're dealing with, or you could have a sick child or spouse. You'll want to share copies of receipts and other detailed medical records with your attorney so that he or she is clearly aware of how much money you're spending on medical bills each month. He or she can then advocate on your behalf for a reduction in the garnishment percentage.


When a judge ruled during your divorce that you need to make alimony payments, he or she came up with an appropriate amount based on your earnings at the time. If you're looking at losing a significant percentage of your monthly earnings due to wage garnishment, the amount that you'll need to pay in alimony will likely be too much for you to handle. Like failing to pay child support because of wage garnishment, this could lead to financial struggles for your ex-spouse. This is another valuable argument that your attorney can take up on your behalf.

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