How To Fight For Your Social Security Disability Rights

According to recent studies, more than 60 million people in the United States received social security disability benefits in a single calendar year. This accounts for a great deal of money spent helping people who are unable to work and earn a living for several reasons. If you're in need of a social security disability check and want to fill out an application, appeal a denial, or take other action, start with these words of advice.

Undergo any necessary medical examinations and get help from a social security disability lawyer for your application

To make certain you qualify for benefits, you need to get a physician's examination. They'll run you through a series of tests to make sure your condition qualifies for social security disability and precludes you from working. The Social Security Administration (SSA) lays out an entire list of ailments and conditions that qualify for social security disability payouts. This wide variety of conditions involve everything from injuries to your musculoskeletal system, mental disorders, and heart problems, to respiratory conditions and speech issues. 

Once you've gotten the OK from your doctor, you should apply for benefits. You'll need to fill out a Form SSA-16 to get your application period started. Now is a good time to hire a social security disability lawyer, because they'll help you fill out your application as thoroughly as possible to push for a first-time approval. 

If you've already been denied, it's still not too late to hire a lawyer. Plenty of social security disability lawyers specialize in appealing for clients who have gotten denied. Keep in mind that your lawyer has the legal right to charge as much as 25 percent of your past-due social security disability benefits. 

Study up on your rights as you await your benefits

Social security disability law is something that affects many people, and these claims are split virtually 50/50 among men and women. Because these needs are commonplace and affect so much of your life, you should research the law as much as you can. Familiarizing yourself with social security disability law is also a useful way to pass the time since your application or appeal may take awhile. 

Consult with your lawyer and always make sure they're the best for the job. Social security disability attorneys often understand landmark social security disability cases such as John J. Clark v. Anthony J. Celebrezze (1965), Ayuso-Morales v. Secretary of Health and Human Services (1982) and Cooley v. Weinberger (1974). Their understanding of the law and years of experience with these sorts of cases will bode well both when it's time to apply and when pursuing any further legal action. 

Prepare an appeal if you get rejected and use your lawyer to protect your future social security disability benefits

Even if you do everything correctly, 70 percent of social security disability applications get denied. Work closely with your social security disability attorney to correct any mistakes that may have gotten you a rejection. They'll need to verify things like your medical documentation, treatment schedule, and evidence from your physician. 

Use these tips when you're filing a social security disability claim.