Top 4 Signs You Need A Child Custody Lawyer

In an ideal world, after separating with your partner, you amicably agree on a child custody plan that serves the children's best interests. But that isn't always the case. Often, emotions and pride get in the way, and one parent is determined to ensure the other doesn't see the children ever again. To improve your odds of getting a fair outcome, you should engage a child custody lawyer to help you with the case. Here are the top signs you need a child custody attorney.

You're Worried About Your Child's Safety

If your child's safety is at risk if they stay with your ex, you need to pursue all options to prevent that outcome. The danger here doesn't only apply to physical harm. It could be that your partner cannot provide proper shelter or sufficient food for your child. Or maybe they have a drinking problem and would neglect the child. Having a child custody attorney increases your chances of obtaining a restraining order against your partner. This way, the safety of your child won't be compromised. 

Your Ex Denies You the Right to See Your Child

If your ex doesn't want you visiting your child or developing a relationship with them and there are no court orders to support their behavior, you need to hire an attorney. It could be that your ex always comes up with excuses every time you plan to visit your child, or maybe you only get a limited amount of time that isn't enough to help you bond.  

Keep a record of anything proving your ex doesn't want you to see your child and show it to your attorney. It could be a text message, a recorded call, or an email. These records will increase your chances of winning the child custody case. 

You Have an Alcohol or Drug Use History

If you have used alcohol or any drug, whether in the present or past, your ex may use it against you. But everyone deserves a second chance, and you don't deserve to suffer, especially if you're now sober. 

A competent child custody attorney will help you with such claims so that they don't interfere with the judgment. They'll show the court you have changed and you're now capable of taking care of the child. 

Your Ex Has an Attorney

If you decide to face your ex's attorney on your own, you might find it difficult irrespective of how strong your claims are. They'll exploit the loopholes in your argument to make you appear like a bad person. Having an attorney on your side ensures you're dealing with your ex on even ground. You're likely to get a more fair judgment than you would have going alone. 

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