Employment Discrimination Against An Immigrant

Petitioning for a spouse to immigrate to the United States is the right of every American, as long as there isn't any fraud involved. The immigration process is not only long, but it often comes with numerous other challenges that can be difficult to overcome. For example, it can be difficult for an immigrant to find a job after immigrating to the United States, and a common reason is due to discrimination. Even if an immigrant is able to find a job, sometimes employers discriminate by paying them less money than the other employees. If you are an immigrant who is being underpaid by your employer, you can receive justice by hiring a lawyer.

Proving That You Are a Legal Immigrant

Before you can sue your employer for discrimination, it must be proven that you are a legal immigrant. If you are not legally working in the United States, you will not have a good case against your employer. A lawyer might want to see proof that you are a legal immigrant, such as your visa if you were brought to the country by an American spouse. Once it is proven that you are a legal immigrant, a lawyer can begin building a discrimination case against your employer. You can tell the lawyer your story during the initial consultation, but expect them to ask various questions as well.

Discussing How You Are Treated by Your Employer

It is important to provide a lot of details about how you are treated by your employer, especially if there is a noticeable difference in comparison to your co-workers. For example, does your employer look at you with disgust when you are in their presence? Did any of your co-workers witness the poor treatment that you must deal with while you are at work? If you know of anyone who has witnessed how your employer treats you, be sure to inform your lawyer so they can contact them if it is necessary. You should also explain how the poor treatment has affected your self-esteem and overall livelihood.

Investigating What Your Co-Workers Are Paid

If you believe that you are paid a much lower amount of money than your co-workers, a lawyer can investigate the situation. For example, a lawyer can investigate to find out if you have more skills and experience than your co-workers but aren't being paid a fair amount of money because you are an immigrant. A lawyer will also make sure you are not being paid below the minimum wage amount that is set for the state you reside in. 

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